Club of NY: Jane Eyre Ballet at American Ballet Theatre

Join NY area Hoyas at the Ballet! We will be viewing a performance of Jane Eyre, as put on by the American Ballet Theatre. It will be Cathy Marston’s stirring ballet adaptation of Charlotte Bronte’s Victorian romance Jane Eyre, as it challenges the idea of a classic ballet heroine. After a difficult upbringing, Jane becomes the Governess for the mysterious Mr. Rochester, discovering the struggles of society’s expectations. A literary classic brought to life by Cathy Marston’s stirring choreography and an enthralling Victorian design, Jane Eyre shows that love can conquer any obstacle. Experience this literary classic and ballet performance against a soundtrack of Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel, Felix Mendelssohn and Franz Schubert. Ticket: Members $59.00 Non-Members $66.00